Pipeline services

Pipeline Services

Corrpro is the complete pipeline integrity and corrosion control source for all pipeline system owners and operators. We are comprised of a diverse group of pipeline professionals, corrosion engineers and specialized integrity technologists. Our collective mission is to provide innovative, quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers for the preservation of their pipeline systems. The pipeline integrity program is a multi-phased engineering driven process with established criteria and built-in milestones for effective decision making.

For over 40 years, Corrpro and its employees have assisted pipeline owners and operators with these tasks. From internal and external inspections to the construction and implementation of a variety of onsite programs, Corrpro offers complete integrity services to rehabilitate and keep your pipelines in peak operation.

The Pipeline Integrity Program

  1. Assessing the Project - The full turnkey integrity program is a multi-phased approach to design. This insures that unnecessary programs are not implemented and project costs are kept in check and on budget. The first phase of the program is pipeline or system assessment.
  2. Over-the-Line Surveys - In order to determine a pipeline's fit for service status and its overall condition, additional data is typically required. Prior to engaging in costly actions, such as bell hole inspection excavations, Corrpro offers several effective and inexpensive over-the-line surveys.
  3. In-Line Inspection and Analysis - When more detailed pipeline information is needed than can be obtained from over-the-line surveys, in-line inspections should be performed. In-line pipeline inspection surveys require a substantial amount of preparation to complete in a flawless fashion.
  4. Remedial Repair Programs - Once the condition of the pipeline is known, the scope of the program and the suitable repair methodologies can be determined. The work programs are implemented by Corrpro field crews who are trained to perform integrity excavations on "live" pipelines.
  5. Continued Maintenance Management - Once the pipeline system has been brought back to top form, a planned maintenance program can be adopted to maintain its rehabilitated condition. Corrosion control programs such as internal corrosion monitoring coupons, cathodic protections surveys and line cleaning pigging programs become inexpensive maintenance tools.

Pipeline Integrity Benefits

Corrpro's Pipeline Integrity program will address and help you control the factors that can cause system failure. The program has been designed with several milestones so effectiveness and cost control can be monitored by you. The program is also flexible enough to accommodate the elements which are critical to your organization.

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