Cathodic Protection Materials Supply

Corrpro Canada is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of cathodic protection materials, rectifiers, pipeline coatings, corrosion rate monitoring equipment, pipe and cable locaters and instrumentation.

Cathodic Protection Materials

Corrpro offers a complete package of cathodic protection materials, most of which are manufactured by Corrpro in Canada including CorrPower rectifiers, sacrificial and impressed current anodes, test stations, junction boxes, coke breeze, reference electrodes, connection devices, direct burial cable, isolation/fault protection devices, flange insulation kits, casing insulators, end seals and a full suite of instrumentation used for evaluating and designing cathodic protection systems.

Internal Corrosion Monitoring Equipment

Corrpro distributes Metal Samples corrosion monitoring equipment which utilizes techniques ranging from weight-loss coupons to linear polarization resistance and electrical resistance probes. This instrumentation is used for measuring and monitoring corrosion rates in pipelines, process vessels, storage tanks, concrete, offshore structures and even atmospheric corrosivity in plant control rooms.

Pipe and Cable Locating Equipment

Corrpro Canada sells and services underground pipe and cable locators─primarily Metrotech and Rigid SeekTech products. Corrpro also sells Fisher, Radio Detection and Tinker and Rasor. Our trained service technicians are efficient in turnaround times on repairs and, when dealing with longer repair periods, can provide rental equipment.