Corrpro Canada, Inc.

Corrpro Canada Inc. is Canada’s largest corrosion engineering, cathodic protection and corrosion mitigation business. Corrpro Canada is also part of Corrpro Companies Inc., the world leader in cathodic protection services. For more than 40 years, Corrpro and its subsidiaries have been providing professional corrosion engineering consulting and cathodic protection services to major oil companies, government agencies, municipal water, sewer and gas utilities, private industry, universities and public transportation agencies. Corrpro supports clients through our eight, full-service offices distributed across Canada.


Corrpro specializes in corrosion detection and control. Our expertise encompasses cathodic protection engineering, materials and construction, internal corrosion detection, pipeline integrity services and pipeline services. Corrpro has an extensive background covering oil and gas pipeline systems and well casings, refineries and petrochemical plants, airports, marine facilities, water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial plants, above grade storage tank (AST) terminals, bridges, pilings, docks and wharves, underground storage tanks, reinforced concrete structures and many other applications. Corrpro is unique in our balance of expertise to detect the factors that cause external and internal corrosion and the use of cathodic protection to control external corrosion.


Our engineering and technical staff represents more than 1,000 years of collective experience in the cathodic protection and corrosion control field. With electrical, civil, metallurgical and chemical engineering backgrounds, most are registered professional engineers or have certification from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International). Corrpro has studied – and solved – corrosion problems associated with underground corrosion, coating defects, stray currents and all types of failures resulting from the aggressive corrosion attack on buried metallic structures.

Our engineers are active on industry technical committees, producing standard specifications and instruction manuals for the corrosion control of various underground and submerged structures. A number of Corrpro engineers are sought-after speakers and instructors at university, government and association-sponsored seminars on corrosion control topics.


Corrpro is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of cathodic protection materials and instrumentation. Corrpro manufactures rectifiers, galvanic and impressed current anodes and all accessories. Our material division also supplies pipeline joint coating (shrink sleeves and liquid epoxies) and tape coatings.


Corrpro has the largest cathodic protection construction and equipment capabilities of any firm specializing in corrosion control. Through experience from installation of a multitude of cathodic protection systems each year, Corrpro has the expertise and equipment to install any type of groundbed configuration our customers may desire. We safety-trained and insured crews undertake projects of any size--including those that require just a few anodes to multi-million dollar projects.